Monday, April 11, 2011

Did you know?

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation in Jakarta, Indonesia

To make 1 tonne (= 1,000 kg ~ 2,2046 lbs) of dried tea requires approximately...

- 4.5 tonnes green leaves 450 kW electricity

- 500 litres oil (or other fuel), depending on process

- 250 man hours of work

- 23 tea chests (or alternative packaging)

- 3 kg nails (if used with tea chests)

- 2000 tonnes of air! - WOW that is a lot of air...

Air is used for several purposes in tea manufacturing: 1. To remove moisture during withering at relatively low temperatures.

2. To supply oxygen to the leaf during fermentation.

3. To control the temperature of leaf during fermentation

4. To supply heat to the fermented tea for enzyme inactivation and to remove moisture during drying, at relatively higher temperatures.

If you do the math, 4.5 tonnes yeilds 1 tonne ~ 22.22%...

I don't know about you, but it makes me think twice about how much I should appreciate each cup of tea. The next time I take a sip of my tea I will make sure I savor the moment and pay homage to all the work required in making it to my cup and into my belly.

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