Monday, December 8, 2008


Growing up I was a really chubby kid. Concerned for my health, my parents decided to send me to a fat farm (weight loss camp) where I learned how to exercise and 'eat right'. As a result, by the age of 31 I was obsessed with food and body image. Although it took 18 years, I finally had enough strength and determination to confront my issues and at the age of 31 I can honestly say that I have finally freed myself from all those ridiculous beliefs and have learned the tools to lead a balanced and healthful lifestyle.

Transforming my worst enemy, food, into my best friend has not only allowed me the chance to grow within, it has given me the opportunity to contribute beyond myself to empower others.

My mission in life it to help people create balance in their kitchen and teach people how to connect the dots between conscious cooking, healthy eating and an active lifestyle. That being said, healthy cooking doesn't mean bad tasting, boring foods and an active lifestyle doesn't mean running a marathon or going to the gym 3 hours a day 7 days a week. On the contrary, conscious cooking means exploring different ingredients, understanding their nutritional value and fusing various techniques, cultures and lifestyles. An active lifestyle means doing things that you enjoy, experiencing life to the fullest and just moving your body. For me, balance in and out of the kitchen is not a 'diet'; it is a way of life with informed choices made for your mind, body and spirit.

In my search for balance, I have found tea and have learned numerous ways of how to incorporate it into my daily routine. Taking the time for tea has helped me radically change my life and has given me my health back.